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    Water and heating

    Piping systems Gallaplast PP-R, Gallaplast FAZER PP-R, Gallaplast Beta FAZER PP-R, perfect for those looking for a reliable solution to guarantee long-term, trouble-free operation.

    Air Conditioning and tech. networks

    Gallaplast PPR UV systems are specifically designed for trouble-free operation under adverse climatic conditions. With the additional protective layer pipe Gallaplas PPR UV able to withstand prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

    Floor heating

    Heating systems "Warm floor" are very popular in Europe for the past 30 years. Integrated solutions GallaplastPex-EVOH, Gallaplas Pert-EVOH provide you with comfortable accommodation, warm and comfort in your home.

    Potable water remains pure and potable!

    On account of special physical and chemical properties of the materials, pipelines systems of GallaPlast have the most versatile application scope. Pressure pipe systems for water supply and heating are the most commonly used. Due to hygienic properties of the material, GallaPlast pipe systems do not alter potable water properties.
    As the material is able to withstand constant pressure and high temperature, these properties make it possible to widely use GallaPlast pipe system in heating systems.
    Under long-duration exposure to constant temperature of 70°C, and depending on preset pressure, the design service life exceeds 50 years. Any peak overloading of temperature up to 110°C due to short-time troubles does not generate problems for GallaPlast pipe systems.